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January, 2020
3rdFusionizers 20 BernFusion Workshop
Fusionizers 20 1/3/2020 City: Bern, Switzerland Dances: Fusion The biggest Fusion Dance Workshop in Switzerland - three parties, live-music on Saturday and much more Teachers: Flouer Evelyn, Michael Wälti, Mark & Kelly (to be confirmed) Bands: True
3rdMoscow Christmas Swing Dance Camp MoscowBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag, Boogie Woogie Workshop
Moscow Christmas Swing Dance Camp 1/3/2020 City: Moscow, Russia Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag, Boogie Woogie
10thCrazy Blues - III Edition Montecatini TermeBlues Workshop
Crazy Blues - III Edition 1/10/2020 City: Montecatini Terme, Italy Dances: Blues A full immersion weekend dedicated to the Blues dance and the Blues live music in a "All inclusive" formula: accommodation + classes + parties & crazy afterparties until late... all in the same place! The festival is located in the middle of beautiful, charming Tuscany in Italy, and more precisely in Montecatini Terme, a suburb of Pistoia famous for its thermal water and the Liberty style. Registration will open on 1st September 2019.
10thHong Kong Swing Festival Hong KongLindy Workshop
Hong Kong Swing Festival 1/10/2020 City: Hong Kong, Hong Kong Dances: Lindy Partnered and solo dance classes, legendary parties, come spend an unforgettable weekend in Hong Kong!
16thMonterey Swingfest Monterey, CaliforniaWest Coast Workshop
Monterey Swingfest 1/16/2020 City: Monterey, California, USA Dances: West Coast Teachers: Benji Schwimmer
Robert Royston
Ben Morris & Victoria Henck
Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Christopher Dumond & Tara Trafzer
Parker Dearborn & Melissa Rutz
Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair
17thBrickyard Blues Atlanta, GeorgiaBlues Workshop
Brickyard Blues 1/17/2020 City: Atlanta, Georgia, USA Dances: Blues
17thBrothers in Jazz MadridLindy Workshop
Brothers in Jazz 1/17/2020 City: Madrid, Spain Dances: Lindy If you add to your recipe some lindy hoppers, a pinch of tap dancers, a slurp of break dancers, a cup of great musician, and a handful of cool DJs you obtain a great delicious party called Brothers in Jazz. We like to share the same dancefloor and mutually inspire us, because we learn from each other and inspire each other, so our own dance gets enriched. These dance styles are branches of the same tree, different expressions of the same culture. We want to inspire each other but not fuse with each other, this is not a fusion event. You will have classes of the different styles and during the parties we will put a mix of music to share among the communities and dance as much as we can. We aim to improve our dance by improving our dancing in general. Inspire us not only by what we have in front but also from what we have next to us. To receive the ads as we launch you can like on our Facebook page and follow us on instagram. Meanwhile, if you are thinking about signing up, we tell you that you must haver a profile on our website, for this you can register here. Soon we will tell you much more, but for the moment save the date!
17thCalifornia Balboa Classic Newport Beach, CaliforniaBalboa Workshop
California Balboa Classic 1/17/2020 City: Newport Beach, California, USA Dances: Balboa Teachers: Sylvia Sykes
Nick Williams
Kelly Arsenault
Mickey Fortanasce
Annabel Quisao
Bobby White
Kate Hedin
David Rehm
Shani Brown
Augie Freeman
17thFreedom Swing Wilmington, DelawareWest Coast Workshop
Freedom Swing 1/17/2020 City: Wilmington, Delaware, USA Dances: West Coast
17thKind of a Big Deal Weekend BostonLindy Workshop
Kind of a Big Deal Weekend 1/17/2020 City: Boston, USA Dances: Lindy Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz workshops, competitions, and social dancing to live music! Teachers: Jenna Applegarth, Dee Daniels, Jon Tigert, Charlie Wieprecht Bands: Gordon Webster Band
17thSSF - Sydney Swing Festival Sydney NSWLindy Workshop
SSF - Sydney Swing Festival 1/17/2020 City: Sydney NSW, Australia Dances: Lindy Join us in January for a MASSIVE weekend of workshops, social dancing, friends and fun
23rdFairbridge Dance Camp PinjarraLindy, Blues, Balboa Workshop
Fairbridge Dance Camp 1/23/2020 City: Pinjarra, Australia Dances: Lindy, Blues, Balboa Simply Swing Dance Camp is Western Australia's most fun and educational Annual Swing Dance Event!! Everything happens at Fairbridge Village, workshops, meals, taster classes and social dancing. Enjoy the heritage listed cottages, within walking distance to the hall. Your Workshop ticket will include all workshops, taster classes and social dances on your selected day and you can participate in as much or as little as you choose. If you don't want to do workshops, Thats Fine! Come and relax and enjoy the social dances every night. Come and enjoy a total immersion experience and a place with a real sense of community. Friendly and enthusiastic dancers come together to learn from 6 of the best dancers in the world and have fun!!
23rdFlorence Swing Camp FlorenceLindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Workshop
Florence Swing Camp 1/23/2020 City: Florence, Italy Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag
24th1st Hülly Blues HüllBlues Workshop
1st Hülly Blues 1/24/2020 City: Hüll, Germany Dances: Blues There will be Blues in the old farm house between Hamburg and Bremen, cows and sauna, some month after the 1st Balboa Swing Farm and the 6th Hülly Hop Swing Farm .

In the middle of nowhere but reachable by train (and free private shuttle), plane (Hamburg Airport) or car (90 minutes from Hamburg).

International blues dance teachers, live music, DJs, sauna, and nice carefree, all inclusive, all under one roof packages are waiting for you.
Teachers: Eric Nieland, Cédric Clerc, Caroline Faivre Bands: The Sky is crying
24thDJam - Lindy Hop Festival DurhamLindy Workshop
DJam - Lindy Hop Festival 1/24/2020 City: Durham, United Kingdom Dances: Lindy Join us for a weekend of Lindy Hop and other dance taster sessions in Durham City's excellent venues, all within a short walking distance from the train station. Learn from inspiring dance teachers and get into the groove of all things swing! No need to rush from one workshop to the next, without the time to find your feet. We've built in half an hour's practice at the end of each workshop to help you really get to grips with what you've just learned and try out your new dancing skills.
24thLindy Hopper's Delight BarcelonaLindy Workshop
Lindy Hopper's Delight 1/24/2020 City: Barcelona, Spain Dances: Lindy
24thLollies and Lemonade Auburn, ALBalboa Workshop
Lollies and Lemonade 1/24/2020 City: Auburn, AL, USA Dances: Balboa Join us for the fourth year of this sweet workshop! With an emphasis on quality instruction, we are dedicated to providing an affordable balboa experience to the Southeast US and beyond. We offer 3 levels of classes, 8 hours of instruction, 2 nights of live music, and, of course, lemonade! Teachers: Bobby White, Annabel Quisao,
Douglas Mathews, Brittany Morton,
Joe Pangburn, Kadie Pangburn
Bands: The Posey Quintet
24thMetz BalboShag Weekend MetzBalboa, Shag Workshop
Metz BalboShag Weekend 1/24/2020 City: Metz, France Dances: Balboa, Shag
24thMimmi & Fredrik Weekend FrankfurtLindy Workshop
Mimmi & Fredrik Weekend 1/24/2020 City: Frankfurt, Germany Dances: Lindy
24thParis Swing Workshop MontreuilLindy Workshop
Paris Swing Workshop 1/24/2020 City: Montreuil, France Dances: Lindy
24thPingoletus Swing Festival ZaragozaLindy, Balboa Workshop
Pingoletus Swing Festival 1/24/2020 City: Zaragoza, Spain Dances: Lindy, Balboa Join the Lindyjotter community on an unforgettable weekend.
Lindy in its purest form. Classes, parties with live music in a spectacular venue, exhibitions and workshops. The passion, love and energy of the swing awaits you in Zaragoza, the city of wind.

Here is the menu:

🔹 2 Parties with live music
🔹 5 h. classes
🔹 1 h. practice with teachers
🔹 2 Tasters
🔹 1 Carajillo Party
🔹 1,5h. aerials (opctional)
Teachers: 💃 Alex McCormarck and Jill de Muelenaere
💃 Sanders Costermans and Beatrice Neagu
Bands: 🎷 Le dancing Pepa Swing Band
24thPittsburgh Shakedown PittsburghBalboa, Other Workshop
Pittsburgh Shakedown 1/24/2020 City: Pittsburgh, USA Dances: Balboa, Other 3 days of great live music and dancing at Pittsburgh's fantastic Ace Hotel! Lindy Hop with Peter Strom and Naomi Uyama, Balboa with Valerie Salstrom! Music by the Boilermaker Jazz Band & 14 piece Hot Metal Swing Orchestra. Great neighborhood with lots to see and wonderful restaurants. Very hip/ historic hotel. All on site. Teachers: Peter Strom, Naomi Uyama, Valerie Salstrom Bands: Boilermaker Jazz Band, 14 piece Hot Metal Swing Orchestra
24thScandinavian shuffle UppsalaBalboa Workshop
Scandinavian shuffle 1/24/2020 City: Uppsala, Sweden Dances: Balboa Scandinavian Shuffle is an annual balboa exchange, a weekend full of dancing balboa and exploring exciting Scandinavian cities with other international balboa enthusiasts. In 2020, Scandinavian Shuffle takes place in Uppsala, Sweden. This will be the 12th consecutive Scandinavian Shuffle.
24thShag-a-Bal ZagrebBalboa, Shag Workshop
Shag-a-Bal 1/24/2020 City: Zagreb, Croatia Dances: Balboa, Shag
24thShagadelic Rotterdam RotterdamShag Workshop
Shagadelic Rotterdam 1/24/2020 City: Rotterdam, Netherlands Dances: Shag
24thSwing weekend in Groningen GroningenLindy Workshop
Swing weekend in Groningen 1/24/2020 City: Groningen, Netherlands Dances: Lindy
25thThe Half Break CorkLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
The Half Break 1/25/2020 City: Cork, Ireland Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Welcome to the first year of “The Half Break”, 25-26th of January 2020, a workshop full of Solo Jazz with a sprinkle of Lindy Hop.

As dancers and teachers, we see how solo jazz steps and movements add so much variety and creativity to our own dancing, that we would love to share some of that with you.

To that end, we are delighted to welcome back to Cork, Bára Hřebačková, who will be teaching the Solo Jazz classes, and Tom and Rachel of Swing Dance Cork will be teaching the Lindy Hop classes.

And to add a bit of spice to the weekend, there will be a jazzy social on Saturday evening with a LIVE band – all in the splendid Cricket Club, Cork City.
Teachers: Barbora “Bára” Hřebačková, Tom Shanahan, Rachel Murphy Bands: Bitta Jazz Quartet
30thCharlotte Westie Fest Charlotte, North CarolinaWest Coast Workshop
Charlotte Westie Fest 1/30/2020 City: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Dances: West Coast
30thWinter Black Swing Festival AlcoyLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Winter Black Swing Festival 1/30/2020 City: Alcoy, Spain Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
31stBalboa Dayz 2020 DresdenBalboa Workshop
Balboa Dayz 2020 1/31/2020 City: Dresden, Germany Dances: Balboa it is been 10years ago that we started with our first BΛLBӨΛ DΛYZ 🌸 Take your chance to enjoy with us the cozy-fun & hot Balboa-atmosphere, a beautiful dance floor and the Dresden-Hellerau location. The event goes from January 31st - February 2nd promoting 8h of classes + shows + 3x nights of dancing ♪♫ by Heart of Dixie 💗 to see you there Teachers: Andreas Olsson & Olga Marina,
Alexey Gudovich & Masha Krokhina,
Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat
Bands: Heart of Dixie
31stBreizh Blues Invasion 2020 RennesBlues Workshop
Breizh Blues Invasion 2020 1/31/2020 City: Rennes, France Dances: Blues Meet the Breizh Blues Invasion 2020 - the 7th edition of the biggest blues dance festival held in Bretagne!

For seven years BBI becomes a meeting place for many dancers from many regions of France and other countries! This winter, we invite you to visit the heart of medieval city Rennes and discover how warm the breizh blues can be!

This year Breizh blues Invasion prepares for you:
- 3 level of classes of partnered blues;
- 7 hours of classes with international teachers
- 2 all night parties and 1 after-brunch party;
- live music during parties!!
And warm and hospitality of breton people of course!
Teachers: Fabien Vrillon - Lisa Clarke (FR), Denis Lutsko - Virginie Walker (UA/FR), Nicolas Naman - Alina Vysotskaya (FR/BY), Denis Agapov - Olga Stoyakova (BY). Bands: Loulou's back in town, Opus Swing
31stCorvallis Swing Weekend Corvallis, ORBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Exchange
Corvallis Swing Weekend 1/31/2020 City: Corvallis, OR, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag In celebration of our tenth anniversary, we’re hosting three nights of jazz music and dancing in the heart of the Willamette Valley.

Expect a heck of a party, with live bands, special guest DJs, evening and late night dances, snacks, and community activities.
Bands: Stealin' Apples Jazz Band, Jen Hodge, Cherry Blossom Orchestra, Breakers Yard
31stHALF - Lindy Hop Workshop with Flora and Thorbjørn TrondheimLindy Workshop
HALF - Lindy Hop Workshop with Flora and Thorbjørn 1/31/2020 City: Trondheim, Norway Dances: Lindy
31stLjubljana Blues Exchange LjubljanaBlues Exchange
Ljubljana Blues Exchange 1/31/2020 City: Ljubljana, Slovenia Dances: Blues Blues exchange featuring live music, secret trip, fun daytime activities, and town tour! Save the date and stayed tuned for more info!
February, 2020
1stBlues & Green Retreat Near Koh LantaBlues Workshop
Blues & Green Retreat 2/1/2020 City: Near Koh Lanta, Thailand Dances: Blues Come and dance Blues with us in Thailand and let's help the planet together. We are in contact with an ecologic association in Thailand. We will clean a beach and more. More information (location, hotel,....) soon on the website
1stJump Up North HamburgLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Jump Up North 2/1/2020 City: Hamburg, Germany Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
1stSwingStep Hanse HamburgLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
SwingStep Hanse 2/1/2020 City: Hamburg, Germany Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
6thLeapin Lindy BernLindy Workshop
Leapin Lindy 2/6/2020 City: Bern, Switzerland Dances: Lindy Taking place in the beautiful capital city of Switzerland, Bern. The Leapin' Lindy was born in 2003 and has grown into Switzerland's biggest Swing dance Event ever since. The Leapin Lindy is organised by Bern's Swing Dance Association Swingmachine Bern. Berns Swing scene is known for fun moments! Swing dancers dance to every song which has the groove.Bern is a small city with a beautiful old town. Special about this city is the big river Aare, which flows through it. A visit to the Leapin Lindy and to Bern is a beautiful experience, we promise!
7th& All That Jazz OaklandBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Exchange
& All That Jazz 2/7/2020 City: Oakland, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Chill weekend of exceptional Jazz music and the dancing that goes along with it.
7thAlamo Stomp San Antonio, TexasLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Alamo Stomp 2/7/2020 City: San Antonio, Texas, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Teachers: Jo Hoffberg & Kevin St. Laurent
Laura Glaess & Todd Yannacone
Irina Amzashvili & Anthony Chen Shauna Marble & Joe Demers
7thBirmingham Swing Festival BirminghamLindy, Balboa Workshop
Birmingham Swing Festival 2/7/2020 City: Birmingham, United Kingdom Dances: Lindy, Balboa A weekend of Swing dance workshops for all levels, with late-night parties, live bands and competitions!
7thMobtown Winter Weekend Baltimore, MarylandLindy Workshop
Mobtown Winter Weekend 2/7/2020 City: Baltimore, Maryland, USA Dances: Lindy Teachers: Gaby Cook, Jenna Applegarth, Jon Tigert
7thSeoul Blues Dance Festival 2020 SeoulBlues Workshop
Seoul Blues Dance Festival 2020 2/7/2020 City: Seoul, Korea South Dances: Blues Seoul Blues Dance Festival 2020
2020. 2. 7 ~ 9

2 days Workshops
Band Live Music
3 days All Night Party
4+ Competitions
Teachers: Damon Stone
Kelsy Stone
Jennifer Sowden
Nathaniel M. Abrea
박영진 (Young Gene Park)
김정현 (Melissa Kim)
안경민 (Kyeongmin Andrew Ahn)
Yancy Poon
Jon Ng
13thLindy on Ice FlúðirLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Lindy on Ice 2/13/2020 City: Flúðir, Iceland Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Teachers: Meghan Gilmore
Yana Sanamyantz
Jon Tigert
13thNubalboa MadridBalboa Workshop
Nubalboa 2/13/2020 City: Madrid, Spain Dances: Balboa Save the dates for 2020! Registration opens October 1st
14thBackwater Blues 2020 Huntsville, ALBlues, Other Workshop
Backwater Blues 2020 2/14/2020 City: Huntsville, AL, USA Dances: Blues, Other You're favorite Ballroomin' event is back! We are preparing lots of updates for you but for now mark your calendars to come see us in Huntsville in February! Registration opens October 27th 7pm CST Teachers: Mike Legenthal, Bobby Green, Dan Legenthal, Krystal Wilkerson, Laney Barhaugh, Julie Brown Bands: The K-Night Owls featuring Taryn Newborne!
14thBig City Blues GentBlues Workshop
Big City Blues 2/14/2020 City: Gent, Belgium Dances: Blues More to come
14thFlurry Festival Saratoga Springs, New YorkFusion Workshop
Flurry Festival 2/14/2020 City: Saratoga Springs, New York, USA Dances: Fusion The best winter weekend for music lovers, story tellers, dancers, and lovers of life. A three day immersion into traditional international music, dance, instrument lessons, jamming, storytelling, and more. Bands: Gordon Webster Band
14thHop The Tower – Pisa Swing Festival 2020 PisaLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Hop The Tower – Pisa Swing Festival 2020 2/14/2020 City: Pisa, Italy Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz We are excited to announce the 3rd edition of the HOP THE TOWER – PISA SWING FESTIVAL.
This year’s edition will feature classes in Lindy Hop and Jazz Roots from six international teachers, two bands and three grand parties ! All parties and lessons will take place in one venue in the center of Pisa: the historic Leopolda train station. Come to dance and party with us and enjoy the fascinating setting of Pisa !
Teachers: Sharon Davis & Nejc Zupan
Maria Filippova & Daniil Nikulin
Daria Chupyrkina & JB Mino
Bands: The Jeepers
Road Swing Band
...and more
14thHot Rhythm Holiday Austin, TexasLindy, Balboa, Shag Workshop
Hot Rhythm Holiday 2/14/2020 City: Austin, Texas, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Shag Fast dancing workshops
14thIn Love With Blues 2020 ToursBlues Workshop
In Love With Blues 2020 2/14/2020 City: Tours, France Dances: Blues There will be two parties and a tea party with live music, J&J competition, and, of course, lots of dancing. Full pass includes 6h of classes for 4 levels (from beginner to expert) with 3 couples of teachers. With 10% discount for the foreign dancers the price for Full pas is as low as 90 euro! Teachers: Dawa Jung & Youngdon Kwon from Seoul, Sandra Thörn & Niclas Palmer from Gothenburg, Anne Hélène Bargain Cavasa & Bernard Cavasa from Toulouse Bands: Blues and Bones, The Raggedy Junkers
14thMontpellier Balboa Rendez-Vous MontpellierBalboa Workshop
Montpellier Balboa Rendez-Vous 2/14/2020 City: Montpellier, France Dances: Balboa The 19th edition for Montpellier Balboa Festival with the best Balboa teachers - 4 levels, Balboa Classes 1 level Collegiate Shag 3 Swing parties Teachers: Joel Plys & Irina Amzashvili
14thUnity Fusion Weekender Woodbridge, VirginiaFusion Workshop
Unity Fusion Weekender 2/14/2020 City: Woodbridge, Virginia, USA Dances: Fusion Three days of workshops and socials with top instructors and DJs at the beautiful Modern Ballroom Dance Studio just outside of Washington, DC. Teachers: Flouer Evelyn
15thSwingin’ on the Sea Cruise Miami, FL > Grand Turk > St. Thomas > Puerto Rico > Dominican RepublicLindy, Balboa Workshop
Swingin’ on the Sea Cruise 2/15/2020 City: Miami, FL > Grand Turk > St. Thomas > Puerto Rico > Dominican Republic, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa 7 day cruise to the exotic Caribbean. Leaving from Miami and going to islands in the Eastern Caribbean. Classes with 12 different national level instructors, dances every night to DJs and live bands!
20th15th Rock That Swing Festival MunichLindy, Blues, Balboa Workshop
15th Rock That Swing Festival 2/20/2020 City: Munich, Germany Dances: Lindy, Blues, Balboa For more than a decade the festival celebrates the diversity of the dances and music of the Swing and Rock and Roll era from the 20s to the 50s. Over a span of 5 days, fantastic dance nights, hot live music, shows, competitions, numerous workshops, dance masters from the 30s, and passionate dancers from all over the world create an inspiring and unforgettable atmosphere. At the Rock That Swing Dance Camp more than 60 of the world's best teachers give classes during the daytime offering a vast variety of more than 200 workshops. Dancers at any level, from beginner to intermediate to advanced and all the way up to teacher, can create their own individual schedule.
20thRose City Swing Tigard, OregonWest Coast Workshop
Rose City Swing 2/20/2020 City: Tigard, Oregon, USA Dances: West Coast
21stBack To The Shuffle Edmonton, AlbertaBalboa, Solo Jazz Workshop
Back To The Shuffle 2/21/2020 City: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Dances: Balboa, Solo Jazz Teachers: Kate Hedin and Nick Williams
21stBlack Forest Fusion - Winter Edition 2020 SimonswaldFusion Exchange
Black Forest Fusion - Winter Edition 2020 2/21/2020 City: Simonswald, Germany Dances: Fusion Come to the beautiful Black Forest and join us for another winter weekend of fusion dancing in a big, cosy Black Forest house close to the city of Freiburg.

Registration will be open from November 1, 2019 through November 8, 2019. The 50 available tickets will be given away via lottery among those people who sign up during this period. People who don't get a ticket via the lottery or sign up after the registration period will come on a waiting list.
21stBoston Lindy Tech 2020 BostonLindy Workshop
Boston Lindy Tech 2020 2/21/2020 City: Boston, USA Dances: Lindy Boston Lindy Tech is a workshop where a small group of dancers comes together to work intensively on improving their dancing from the bottom-up. For three days, we expect that you are prepared to work hard, are interested in fine-tuning your new skills during practice sessions, and are ready to delve into this magical thing we call Counterbalance. There will be 10 hours of class material with Kevin & Jo and 5 hours of practice time in smaller groups.

This year's topic is Fast Dancing!
Teachers: Jo Hoffberg, Kevin St. Laurent
21stCollegiate Lindy Hop Championships Washington, DCLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Collegiate Lindy Hop Championships 2/21/2020 City: Washington, DC, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Bands: Craig Gildner Big Band
21stLindy Diversion: Where Swing & Blues Meet DenverBlues, Lindy, Solo Jazz, Other Workshop
Lindy Diversion: Where Swing & Blues Meet 2/21/2020 City: Denver, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Solo Jazz, Other Lindy Diversion branches out a bit more to include dances such as Tap, Blues, and Jazz. There are no competitions at Lindy Diversion; the focus is on the workshop classes and the often spectacular live music and social dancing. Just like at our other events, you can find some of the best in the world at our event. Look forward to engaging classes, live music to dance to all night, and some killer performances this February 21-24, 2020. Teachers: Dax Hock, Sarah Breck, Adam Wilkerson, Krystal Wilkerson & more
21stMusic City Exchange NashvilleLindy, Balboa, Shag Exchange
Music City Exchange 2/21/2020 City: Nashville, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Shag Entering our 5th year of Music City Exchange, a swing experience that you can't find anywhere else. Music City is a city brimming with culture, great food, unique venues, and yes - LIVE music 24/7! With 4 live bands, classic Nashville dance venues and a neverending list of Honky Tonks and other fun things to do, Music City lives up to its name! Bands: Posey Quintette, Anna Aratta, The Buttons, and local western swing bands
21stWinterEnd Blues Festival MinskBlues Workshop
WinterEnd Blues Festival 2/21/2020 City: Minsk, Belarus Dances: Blues We are happy to welcome you at fifth edition of WinterEnd Blues festival! Cozy Minsk city will meet you with its snowy streets, illuminated with soft languid street lights. Master-classes of foreign teachers, winners and finalists of many of blues competitions. We saw those guys at work, they definitely have some blues to show us! Two grand parties with live music! From classic blues to fusion for sure, belorussian musicians will touch the soul of every dancer! And of course competitions! Great opportunity to check your skills. Don't miss it! Lets warm up this winter under the great sound of the blues!
27thAustin Blues Party 13 Austin, TxBlues Workshop
Austin Blues Party 13 2/27/2020 City: Austin, Tx, USA Dances: Blues Come to a Big Damn Party in the Live Music Capital of the World!

Austin Blues Party is known for its live bands, party vibes, and classes that start late enough you can dance all night.
Teachers: TBD, see the website as they’re announced Bands: Andrea Dawson ft. Devan Jones
The Eastside Kings
27thDouble Shot Festival ValenciaFusion Workshop
Double Shot Festival 2/27/2020 City: Valencia, Spain Dances: Fusion 8 hours of classes, the best international teachers, more than 600 dancers, amazing parties locations, international bands, 2 rooms... Teachers: Vicci & Adamo, Judit Triguero & Xandy Liberato, & more....
28thAll Reet St. Pete! Solo Jazz Saint Petersburg, FloridaSolo Jazz Workshop
All Reet St. Pete! Solo Jazz 2/28/2020 City: Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA Dances: Solo Jazz
28thDayton Swing Smackdown Miamisburg, OhioLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Dayton Swing Smackdown 2/28/2020 City: Miamisburg, Ohio, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
28thSwingin’ at the Savoy Oakland, CaliforniaLindy Workshop
Swingin’ at the Savoy 2/28/2020 City: Oakland, California, USA Dances: Lindy Swingin’ at the Savoy is an event to celebrate Lindy Hop & Jazz, the joy of the dance and the music, their heritage and history. It takes place every year in February to follow on in the foot steps of the tradition established by the Northern California Lindy Society (NCLS) with the Frankie Manning weekends.
March, 2020
5thDallas Fusion Reaction 3 carrolltonFusion Workshop
Dallas Fusion Reaction 3 3/5/2020 City: carrollton, USA Dances: Fusion ⚛️ Dallas Fusion Reaction is Dallas’ first Fusion Exchange! ⚛️
Now in 2020, 3rd time's the charm!!

💥Classes, social dancing, and more!
💥Social Dancers of all-styles are welcome
💥National and regional dancers coming in from all over!
5thMADjam Baltimore, MarylandWest Coast Workshop
MADjam 3/5/2020 City: Baltimore, Maryland, USA Dances: West Coast
6thBig Red Swing Weekend Workshop Bloomington, IN.Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Workshop
Big Red Swing Weekend Workshop 3/6/2020 City: Bloomington, IN., USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Indiana University's big annual workshop with great instructors and bands.
6thHyggeBlues CopenhagenBlues Workshop
HyggeBlues 3/6/2020 City: Copenhagen, Denmark Dances: Blues Small, cozy Blues Festival for around 150 people.
Classes during the day, live music and party all night!
Teachers: Dan Repsch, Mike Legenthal, Vicci Moore, Adamo Ciarallo, Stefano Ronchi Bands: Stefano Ronchi and Marcos Coll
6thInspiration Weekend Irvine, CaliforniaLindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Workshop
Inspiration Weekend 3/6/2020 City: Irvine, California, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Teachers: --Pamela Gaizutyte (Lithuania) & Felix Berghäll (Sweden)
--Laura Keat & Bobby White
--Delilah Williams & Kenny Nelson (Denver)
6thSnowMELT Blues Dance Festival 2020 Champaign-Urbana, ILBlues Workshop
SnowMELT Blues Dance Festival 2020 3/6/2020 City: Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA Dances: Blues Save the date for C-U's 2nd annual SnowMELT Blues Weekend:
March 6-8, 2020.

Live bands, multiple tracks for blues dance lessons, social dancing, and a great dance community! More info coming soon.
Teachers: TBD Bands: TBD
6thSweet Swingouts GainesvilleBlues, Lindy, Solo Jazz, Other Workshop
Sweet Swingouts 3/6/2020 City: Gainesville, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Solo Jazz, Other A sweet weekend of lessons and 12 hours of dancing. Don't miss the late night venue with it's speakeasy vibe! Teachers: Nicole Zuckerman and Carl Nelson Bands: Swing Theory
12thCocoa Blues & Fusion Exchange Barcelona BarcelonaFusion Exchange
Cocoa Blues & Fusion Exchange Barcelona 3/12/2020 City: Barcelona, Spain Dances: Fusion Come to the 5 Edition of Cocoa Blues & Fusion Exchange! This exchange aims to combine two of our passions, good music and chocolate. Yes! This delicious duo is back this year and it’s about to get even sweeter! We’ve got blues to warm your spirit, fusion to make you travel somewhere out of this world, chocolate to sweeten things up, cultural activities to spark your interest and gastronomical events to knock your socks off! All along in the beginning of spring in the lovely and sunny city of Barcelona, don't miss it!!! Bands: 6-7 local and international bands to be confirmed.
13thBadAz Balboa Mesa, AZBalboa Workshop
BadAz Balboa 3/13/2020 City: Mesa, AZ, USA Dances: Balboa
13thBal Spring Break at the Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth, DorsetBalboa Workshop
Bal Spring Break at the Marsham Court Hotel 3/13/2020 City: Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom Dances: Balboa Bookings are open for this fabulous Balboa weekend... World class Balboa tuition, comfy accommodation, great food, and everything under one roof in a sea front hotel in Bournemouth.
13thBalboa Slower Henley on Thames, EnglandBalboa Workshop
Balboa Slower 3/13/2020 City: Henley on Thames, England, United Kingdom Dances: Balboa Teachers: Anna-Maria Bernhard and Mickey Fortanasce
13thCamp Canary La Santa, LanzaroteLindy, Balboa Workshop
Camp Canary 3/13/2020 City: La Santa, Lanzarote, Spain Dances: Lindy, Balboa A dance camp on Club La Santa, Lanzarote together with the Three Cool Cats from Barcelona! We continue in 2020! More information soon on our website!
13thSeattle Particle Fusion SeattleFusion Workshop
Seattle Particle Fusion 3/13/2020 City: Seattle, USA Dances: Fusion A new micro dance weekend in Seattle, with three nights of delectable tunes and daytime workshops at a sumptuous venue.
13thSideways Lucerne LucerneLindy, Balboa Workshop
Sideways Lucerne 3/13/2020 City: Lucerne, Switzerland Dances: Lindy, Balboa Small, fine, fantastic SIDEWAYS! Being comfortable in social dance is our main ambition. Workshops with wonderful teachers and parties with superb bands, great DJs and nice people. And all of this in our beautiful town in the middle of Switzerland. The lake and our amazing mountains are included in this package.
13thSteel City Blues Festival pin Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaBlues Workshop
Steel City Blues Festival 3/13/2020 City: pin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Dances: Blues
13thSwing Into Spring Columbia, SCLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Swing Into Spring 3/13/2020 City: Columbia, SC, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
19thBoston Tea Party Boston, MassachusettsBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, West Coast Workshop
Boston Tea Party 3/19/2020 City: Boston, Massachusetts, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, West Coast The only event to feature workshops in both West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop!
19thCruisin' for a Bluesin' Los AngelesFusion Exchange
Cruisin' for a Bluesin' 3/19/2020 City: Los Angeles, USA Dances: Fusion Join Us For Our 12th Voyage!! (You keep sayin' you want to go...)
Thursday, March 19th - Sunday March 22nd, 2020!
We are CAPPING it at 175 dancers!


Long Beach, CA to Ensenada, Mexico and back!
All Inclusive - 4 days and 3 nights of Mayhem!
Register Early + Pay in Full = FREE T-Shirt!
All the Food You Can Eat!
Room and Board
Gaming, Crafts and Dancing in the Afternoons
Meet and Greet Session
Blues Dancing every night on the Lido Deck & Indoor Lounges
Live Blues Music!
DJ's Galore!
Formal Evening Dinner Friday Night!
Private Cocktail Party
Cruise Entertainment
Port Fees & Taxes
Fuel Charge
Documentation Fees

(Prices and Availability Subject to Change)

Dance Your Aft Off!

Visit our FB Page
19thLindyfest HoustonLindy Workshop
Lindyfest 3/19/2020 City: Houston, USA Dances: Lindy Lindyfest with the Lone Star Championships is the largest and most dynamic Lindy Hop event in Texas. This year marks the 24th annual Lindyfest and the 13th annual Lone Star Championships! Teachers: Alice Mei, Felipe Braga, Irina Amzashvili, Jenna Applegarth, Jon Tigert, LaTasha Barnes, Laura Glaess, Naomi Uyama, Nick Williams, Peter Strom, Remy Kouakou Kouame, Skye Humphries, Sylvia Sykes, Todd Yannacone, Josh Mclean, Grace Durant, Tyedric Hill Bands: Naomi & Her Handsome Devils
20thHarbour Hop RotterdamLindy Workshop
Harbour Hop 3/20/2020 City: Rotterdam, Netherlands Dances: Lindy Ahoy there! Hoist the mainsail and drop anchor for Harbour Hop 2020, the biggest swing dance event in Rotterdam; 3 marvelous nights of parties and 2 wondrous days of workshops! Get inspired hopping on the waves created by great music, amazing teachers, tons of dancing and loads of fun at beautiful venues of the biggest port city of Europe. Stay tuned!
20thMY Balboa Weekend - March '20 Kuala LumpurBalboa Workshop
MY Balboa Weekend - March '20 3/20/2020 City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Dances: Balboa Join us in Malaysia for a weekend of Balboa classes and socials. Our Balboa family is growing and we want to share our love for Balboa with you. Visit warm Malaysia, eat plenty, make new friends, and dance! Teachers: Olga Marina, Andreas Olsson
20thShag in the Middle MadridLindy Workshop
Shag in the Middle 3/20/2020 City: Madrid, Spain Dances: Lindy Shaggers and dancers from around the world: we are extremely pleased to present the first Shag Festival in Madrid- Shag in the Middle. We have a great time alongside amazing international teachers, parties with live music, competitions... and many more surprises! Look out for more information coming soon. In the meantime: save the date!
26thMotley Hue Fusion New York, New YorkFusion Workshop
Motley Hue Fusion 3/26/2020 City: New York, New York, USA Dances: Fusion Save the date!

Four nights of dancing (we are adding a Thursday pre-party)

Two days of classes with special workshops from international teachers.

Fusion Dancing in the heart of New York City!
27thOrlando Lindy Exchange Orlando, FloridaLindy Exchange
Orlando Lindy Exchange 3/27/2020 City: Orlando, Florida, USA Dances: Lindy
27thSpring Lindy Weekend PamplonaLindy Workshop
Spring Lindy Weekend 3/27/2020 City: Pamplona, Spain Dances: Lindy The best event in the North of Spain. International teachers, live bands, second line, great location. Come and celebrate the beginning of the Spring.
27thSt. Petersburg Russia Exchange St. Petersburg,Lindy, Balboa Exchange
St. Petersburg Russia Exchange 3/27/2020 City: St. Petersburg,, Russia Dances: Lindy, Balboa Bands: The Changepartners Orchestra
Mussorgsky Jazz Orchestra
April, 2020
2ndAthens Rhythm Hop AthensLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Athens Rhythm Hop 4/2/2020 City: Athens, Greece Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
2ndThe ESS Camp Boston Boxborough, MassachusettsWest Coast Workshop
The ESS Camp Boston 4/2/2020 City: Boxborough, Massachusetts, USA Dances: West Coast For novice dancers and above. Teachers: Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann
Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Ben Morris & Victoria Henk
3rdAires de Blues 2020 Buenos AiresBlues Workshop
Aires de Blues 2020 4/3/2020 City: Buenos Aires, Argentina Dances: Blues Having a festival that is repeated yearly is an honor and a permanent challenge. We organizers are grateful for all the presence, enthusiasm and feedback we receive with each edition.

This year we will be putting together the festival based on the needs and tastes of those who attend. There will be two days of lessons and three nights of partying and dancing with live bands.

We will build the schedule around what the attendees tell us they want to focus on and what the interests are.

Welcome to the fifth Blues Aires.
Teachers: TBA Bands: TBA
3rdAugsburg Jazz Rhythms AugsburgLindy Workshop
Augsburg Jazz Rhythms 4/3/2020 City: Augsburg, Germany Dances: Lindy This workshop focusses on Solo Jazz, spiced up with some Lindy Hop Classes on Creativity and Improvisation! Parties and Live-Music, of course!
3rdbluesSHOUT! 2020 ChicagoBlues Workshop
bluesSHOUT! 2020 4/3/2020 City: Chicago, USA Dances: Blues bluesSHOUT! is a moment in time, a place, and a community celebrating blues dance, blues music, and blues culture. Blues dance includes historical and contemporary African American vernacular dances done to blues music. Our event provides classes, social dancing, and competition opportunities for attendees from all over the country and world.
3rdFalcon Lindy Extravaganza Bowling Green, OhioBlues, Lindy Workshop
Falcon Lindy Extravaganza 4/3/2020 City: Bowling Green, Ohio, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy There will be 3 days of fun dancing along with lessons in 2 levels on both Saturday and Sunday. We are an affordable safe place dedicated to a weekend of Lindy Hop fun and late night blues. Our weekend theme is dancing through the decades with a mix n match contest happening on Saturday night. We are also bringing in The Boilermakers to play Friday and Saturday night! Teachers: Adrienne Weidert, Rafal Pustelny, and Paulette Brockington Bands: The Boilermakers
3rdHard Knox Knoxville, Tennessee Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Workshop
Hard Knox 4/3/2020 City: Knoxville, Tennessee , USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag
3rdOn the Road of Blues ParisBlues Workshop
On the Road of Blues 4/3/2020 City: Paris, France Dances: Blues Blues festival focused on the History of Blues dance & music, on the beautiful city of Paris. We can't wait to welcome you and spend this week-end together :D ! Teachers: Dexter Santos & Noemi Blue, Leigh & Daire Bands: to be known
9thEaster Swing Bellevue, WashingtonWest Coast Workshop
Easter Swing 4/9/2020 City: Bellevue, Washington, USA Dances: West Coast
10thGentse Hoppers Exchange GhentLindy Workshop
Gentse Hoppers Exchange 4/10/2020 City: Ghent, Belgium Dances: Lindy
10thLa Guinche Swing Festival Vouneuil-Sous-BiardLindy Workshop
La Guinche Swing Festival 4/10/2020 City: Vouneuil-Sous-Biard, France Dances: Lindy Teachers: Laia Puig & Gustav Jakobsson Fabien Vrillon & Lisa Clarke Areski Stichweh & Kris Blindert
17thBelta Blues 2020 Newcastle-upon-TyneFusion Workshop
Belta Blues 2020 4/17/2020 City: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom Dances: Fusion Classes are aimed at dancers who have a very good understanding of the fundamentals of blues and fusion dancing, are able to lead or follow with confidence and clarity, and are ready to be challenged.

There will be one core track so that we can build a cohesive curriculum over the weekend, and share the experience as a group.

And then there will be the parties, with live music and a host of great DJs.

Registration open on 22nd of November at 7 PM GMT!

Teachers: Becky Norris, Tristan Brightman, Greg Dyke, Jess Feldbauer and Emma Whitcombe. Bands: Stephano Ronchi; Beat Root Jam
17thbounce swing festival PadovaLindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Workshop
bounce swing festival 4/17/2020 City: Padova, Italy Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Welcome to the 2 edition of the International 'Bounce Swing Festival 2020', from 17 to 19 April 2020 in Padova (North East of Italy) - 3 days of Lindy Hop, Balboa and Solo Jazz workshops with international teachers; - 3 nights of parties; - competitions; - fabulous live bands and awesome DJ's! Last year was the thermal edition.. what about 2020??? Teachers: Alice Mei (FRA) & Felipe Braga (BRA); Alba Mengual (SPA) & Gas Fernandez (ARG); Diana Florindi (ITA) & Roberto Alaia (ITA); Frances 'Fancy' Dougherty (USA) & Nejc Zupan(SLO); Sanna Leinonen (FIN) & Adam LaMontagne (USA) Bands: Professor Cunningham and His Old School
17thCamp Westie Howard, PennsylvaniaWest Coast Workshop
Camp Westie 4/17/2020 City: Howard, Pennsylvania, USA Dances: West Coast 25 minutes from State College, PA, there's a comfy cabin with your name on it, and tons of delicious food, plus camp fires, s'mores, all day workshops and all night dancing! Teachers: Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay
Bonnie & Jerome Subey
17thDCLX 2020 WashingtonBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Exchange
DCLX 2020 4/17/2020 City: Washington, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Hot Jazz, Fast Dancing, and a Celebration of D.C.’s Unique Jazz Scene

DCLX, the nation’s premier Lindy hop exchange, offers the nation’s best live traditional jazz music, drawing musicians and dancers from across the world, April 17-19, 2020 in Washington, D.C.
Bands: TBD
17thMadison Invasion Madison, WisconsinLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Madison Invasion 4/17/2020 City: Madison, Wisconsin, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Teachers: Gaby Cook & Nathan Bugh
17thSpring Stomp 2020 - Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Festival CorkLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Spring Stomp 2020 - Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Festival 4/17/2020 City: Cork, Ireland Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Welcome to our 4th edition of Spring Stomp: a weekend full of fun dancing and learning in the heart of historic Cork City.

This year we host international teachers; Sharon Davis, Clàudia Fonte, and Maria Mallan who are sure to bring their infectious energy, creativity and distinctive styles to Cork for the first time.

Join us for 2 days of classes in Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz, and partake in 3 parties with some great Swingin' Jazz music.
Teachers: Sharon Davis, Claudia Fonte, Maria Mallan
23rdMidwest Lindy Fest Minneapolis, MinnesotaLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Midwest Lindy Fest 4/23/2020 City: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
24thFallin In Blues GrenobleBlues Workshop
Fallin In Blues 4/24/2020 City: Grenoble, France Dances: Blues Let's fall in blues in Grenoble! A nice workshop in French Alps with solo or partnered lessons: 3 nights with live music, and an exciting costume party on Saturday! Teachers: Vicci Moore &Adamo Ciarallo, Sharon & RonDobrovinsky, Catherine Palmier, and more to come Bands: Dan Nash & Ray Wallen duet! And more to come
25thlil’Ladybug Blues & Fusion Exchange EindhovenFusion Exchange
lil’Ladybug Blues & Fusion Exchange 4/25/2020 City: Eindhoven, Netherlands Dances: Fusion lil’Ladybug is about enjoying the city and dancing in open air and nice food and lot’s of dancing. With skill share activities we are aiming to get to know each other even better.
27thBal Week New YorkBalboa Workshop
Bal Week 4/27/2020 City: New York, USA Dances: Balboa A week of Balboa parties and classes in New York City! Teachers: Laura Keat and Jeremy Otth
Annabel Quisao and Bobby White
Kelly Arsenault and Mickey Fortanasce
Bands: Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders featuring Laura Windley and Jonathan Stout
30thMenorca Lindy Exchange 4th Edition Ciutadella de MenorcaLindy Exchange
Menorca Lindy Exchange 4th Edition 4/30/2020 City: Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain Dances: Lindy A large weekend with a lot of swing, to enjoy one of the best islands of the Mediterranean. Swing, Tourism, Culture and Gastronomy
30thTuscany Balboa Weekend Montecatini TermeBalboa Workshop
Tuscany Balboa Weekend 4/30/2020 City: Montecatini Terme, Italy Dances: Balboa A weekend to discover Balboa dance in the beautiful, charming, unique Tuscany landscape. Classes with national and international teachers + parties + hotel + meals with a typical italian taste.

Setting: imagine a dream city, completely designed in the "Liberty" style, neat, easily walkable and located in the middle of beautiful, charming Tuscany in Italy; this is Montecatini Terme, famous for its thermal baths, located about 40 km from Florence and 60 km from Pisa Airport.
Teachers: - Jennifer Lee (USA) & Andreas Olsson (Sweden)​
- Anni Skoglund (Sweden) & Gasper Hrovat (Slovenia)​
- Fancy Dougherty (USA) & Nejc Zupan (Slovenia)​
- Abeth Farag (USA) & Martynas Stonys (Lituania)
Bands: Mauro L. Porro
Hot Gravel Eskimos
Sicily Hot Club
May, 2020
1stDesert Stomp Mitzpe Ramon, Negev DesertLindy Workshop
Desert Stomp 5/1/2020 City: Mitzpe Ramon, Negev Desert, Israel Dances: Lindy Teachers: Sharon Davis
Nils Andrén & Bianca Locatelli
Jon Tigert & Jenna Applegarth
Daniil Nikulin
Helena Kanini Kiiru
Bands: Hot Engines Band
Miss Mikey May
7thBalboa on the Promenade Mandelieu-la-NapouleBalboa Workshop
Balboa on the Promenade 5/7/2020 City: Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France Dances: Balboa
7thRedwood Coast Music Festival EurekaBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag, Boogie Woogie, Other Exchange
Redwood Coast Music Festival 5/7/2020 City: Eureka, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag, Boogie Woogie, Other 30th anniversary of "the dancer's festival" with many live bands

Hot Jazz, Swing, Blues, Soul, Zydeco, Rockabilly, Americana, Country...

Bands: Michael Doucet, Charlie Baty, Sugar Ray Norcia, Joel Paterson, Duke Robillard, and more
8thBoogie Explosion AthensBoogie Woogie Workshop
Boogie Explosion 5/8/2020 City: Athens, Greece Dances: Boogie Woogie
8thGo Bananas! Swing Festival 2020 MálagaLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Go Bananas! Swing Festival 2020 5/8/2020 City: Málaga, Spain Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Reserve your spot and come dance with us in sunny Malaga, Spain!

• Teachers - Ariadna Beltran & Simon Bressanelli
• Thematic workshops of Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz
• 3 parties with live music
• Tasters of Tap and African Dance
• Banana desserts party
• Reduced class sizes
• Familiar environment
• Great weather!

For more information and to register:
Teachers: Ariadna Beltran, Simon Bressanelli Bands: One Two Swing, Anachronic, Pastrocchi Quartet
8thMission Fusion Campout MendocinoFusion Workshop
Mission Fusion Campout 5/8/2020 City: Mendocino, USA Dances: Fusion Three days of magical dancing in the redwoods! Workshops, community and lot's of dancing!
8thStompology Rochester, New YorkLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Stompology 5/8/2020 City: Rochester, New York, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Solo jazz and solo charleston workshops Teachers: Sharon Davis
Felipe Braga
Andrew Nemr
Sara Deckard
Bands: Eyal Vilner Big Band
9thCarolina’s Finest Cornelius, North CarolinaWest Coast Workshop
Carolina’s Finest 5/9/2020 City: Cornelius, North Carolina, USA Dances: West Coast
14thPhiladelphia Lindy Hop Exchange 2020 PhiladelphiaLindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Exchange
Philadelphia Lindy Hop Exchange 2020 5/14/2020 City: Philadelphia, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz You're invited to a weekend of exceptional music and dancing in our vibrant city of neighborhoods--the Philadelphia Lindy Hop Exchange: Round 2!

Our community will be throwing down on the dance floor with a multitude of talented musicians throughout the weekend.

We want you to fall in love with our city. We want you to experience our home through our eyes--with food, art, and jazz.
Bands: Chelsea Reed and the Fairweather Five, Jack St Clair and the Saintly Stompers, Christopher Davis Shannon, Najwa Parkins and the After Hours Trio, Parlour Noir.
14thSOswing Convention Ashland, OregonWest Coast Workshop
SOswing Convention 5/14/2020 City: Ashland, Oregon, USA Dances: West Coast
14thUptown Rhythm VilniusLindy Workshop
Uptown Rhythm 5/14/2020 City: Vilnius, Lithuania Dances: Lindy A veritable social dancer's paradise will offer you: - 4 Parties at exquisite venues; - 5 Bands with rhythm to spare; - 9 Hours of Classes in your choice of Lindy hop or Solo jazz; - 12 World class inspirational Instructors; - A number of lively Competitions and delightful Performances; - Extraordinary swingin' boat cruise. Mark the date and plan your Uptown Rhythm 2020 affair! = Registration opens on October 21st.
15thCosmic Fusion Festival NantesFusion Workshop
Cosmic Fusion Festival 5/15/2020 City: Nantes, France Dances: Fusion Le Salon Cosmique & Polytech Nantes are hosting the Cosmic Fusion Festival, first fusion dance festival in the beautiful and eclectic city of Nantes, France! There will be classes during the day, and parties with live music during the night.
15thCSC Canadian Swing Championships Montreal (Trois Rivières)Lindy, Blues, Balboa Workshop
CSC Canadian Swing Championships 5/15/2020 City: Montreal (Trois Rivières), Canada Dances: Lindy, Blues, Balboa Canada's biggest swing dance event celebrating 19 years. Bilingual Francais et English! The best in Solo Jazz, West-Coast Swing, Lindy-Hop, Boogie-Woogie, Rockabilly Jive, Balboa and Blues come to throwdown!
15thDC's Champions Weekend Silver Spring, MarylandWest Coast Workshop
DC's Champions Weekend 5/15/2020 City: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA Dances: West Coast Teachers: Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollman
15thGet It Boston Exchange BostonBlues Exchange
Get It Boston Exchange 5/15/2020 City: Boston, USA Dances: Blues
15thLindyland Los AngelesLindy, Balboa Exchange
Lindyland 5/15/2020 City: Los Angeles, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa This weekend-long event comes in two parts: Lindyland will be held on UCLA's world-famous campus in the Kerchoff Grand Salon. For even Moore dancing fun, join us at the Moore Dance Studio in Brentwood (a 10 minute drive from UCLA).

Live bands include LA-scene locals and DJs include Rachel Phillips!

Moore dancing           $28
   8-11pm         Live Band TBD
   11-3am         DJed music

*suggested donation: $10-12
   6:30-7:30pm  Amateur Mix n Match
   8-11pm         Live Band TBD
Moore dancing           $15
   11-3am         DJed music

  *suggested donation: $8-10
   8-11pm         Live Band TBD
Bands: TBD
15thPlenty Hot 2020 DresdenLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Plenty Hot 2020 5/15/2020 City: Dresden, Germany Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Dear friends of Lindy Hop dancing!

The registrations has opened up – 2020 our will have it’s debut for first time directly in Dresden @ Savoy Club & Zentralwerk ♡ We again have great instructors to announce. Our amazing 2020 instructors line-up are: Juan & Mariel (ARG), Arnas & Egle (LTU), Marie & Franzi (GER) .. the webpage update has just begun … information here will be added. The date is May 15-17, 2020.

Lets rock and roll the perfect wooden floor in our new Zentralwerk location: Ballroom & Savoy Club, directly in Dresden. Polish & refresh your repertoire, meet nice dancers and Lindy Hop friends from all over Europe.

Get 8h Lindy Hop / 4h Solo Jazz / Taster / 3x Nights inside of a Ballroom / Listen to the great sound of 2x live BANDs & BIG BANDS from BRNO & PRAGUE … DJs from Berlin and Dresden ♪♫

Group Discounts, Solo Track, Partner Track, Social tickets.

We are already excited!
Your Plenty Hot Team ♡♡♡
Teachers: Juan Villafane (ARG), Mariel Gastiarena (ARG), Arnas Razgunas (LTU), Egle Nemickaite (LTU)
Marie Voit (GER), Franzi Fiedler (GER)
Bands: Appen Dixie, Heart of Dixie
20thSwingkultur- Festival StuttgartLindy, Balboa Workshop
Swingkultur- Festival 5/20/2020 City: Stuttgart, Germany Dances: Lindy, Balboa Save the date...
21st#DCOut2020 Washington, DCWest Coast Workshop
#DCOut2020 5/21/2020 City: Washington, DC, USA Dances: West Coast LGBT-focused event
21stBlues Boom Festival - Absolute Beginners ORLEANSBlues Workshop
Blues Boom Festival - Absolute Beginners 5/21/2020 City: ORLEANS, France Dances: Blues An event for beginners AND an exchange for all dancers in the Loire Valley.
22ndCamp Jitterbug Seattle, WashingtonLindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Workshop
Camp Jitterbug 5/22/2020 City: Seattle, Washington, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz
22ndMontreal Infused MontrealFusion Workshop
Montreal Infused 5/22/2020 City: Montreal, Canada Dances: Fusion Intimate, warm, welcoming Montreal-based fusion workshop weekend. Teachers: Emily Webb & Jules Bertrand
22ndRed Hot Blues 'n BBQ 2020 Washington, DCBlues Exchange
Red Hot Blues 'n BBQ 2020 5/22/2020 City: Washington, DC, USA Dances: Blues Why is Red Hot Blues ‘n BBQ the greatest blues event you’ll attend all year? With blues dancing, live music, great DJs, afternoon BBQs, food competitions, laying in the sunshine, community, and love, its the ultimate start of summer! Red Hot is about focusing attention on the roots of what we believe the blues is about: building communities. We can’t wait to see you in our nation’s capital: sunny, crawfish-tastic Washington, D.C.
22ndSeaside Stomp 2020 PensacolaBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Workshop
Seaside Stomp 2020 5/22/2020 City: Pensacola, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Dance at the beach this summer in the beautiful seaside town of Pensacola, FL! With 8 hours of lessons and almost 24 hours of social dancing we have something for everyone! Teachers: Erin Morris, Sarah St Ores, Robert David Jemian
22ndSugarloaf Stomp Rio de JaneiroLindy Workshop
Sugarloaf Stomp 5/22/2020 City: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Dances: Lindy Have you ever wanted to visit Brazil?

We have the perfect excuse to make your plans come true!
Join us in Sugarloaf Stomp 2020 for two days of classes, three days of parties, capirinhas and lots of sunshine in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro!
Teachers: LaTasha Barnes and Felix Berghäll; Maíra Fagundes and Cinthia Addams;
22ndSwiss Lindy Tech LuzernLindy Workshop
Swiss Lindy Tech 5/22/2020 City: Luzern, Switzerland Dances: Lindy OUR VISION of Swiss Lindy Tech is a workshop where a small group of dancers come together to work intensively on improving their dancing from the bottom-up. For three days, we expect that you are prepared to work hard, are interested in fine-tuning your new skills during practice sessions, and are ready to delve in to this magical thing we call Lead & Follow. To give you an idea about how much scheduled content there will be: 10 hours of classes with Kevin & Jo and 5 hours of practice time in smaller groups.
28thBluesGeek 2020 St. LouisBlues Workshop
BluesGeek 2020 5/28/2020 City: St. Louis, USA Dances: Blues The premier, 3-day blues idiom workshop BluesGeek is back for 2020. If you've never done blues, want to continue your education, or need a challenge, 2020 will have it all and more as we blend classes on blues dance history and technical innovation, filtered through your learning style with the best music that St. Louis and beyond has to offer. Geeks Will Unite!! May 28th-June 1st Teachers: TBA Bands: TBA
29thSouthwest Swing Showdown Phoenix, ArizonaBlues, Lindy, Solo Jazz, West Coast, Other Workshop
Southwest Swing Showdown 5/29/2020 City: Phoenix, Arizona, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Solo Jazz, West Coast, Other Southwest Swing Showdown is looking to throwdown the gauntlet this year! 4 tracks of Lindy Instruction, 1 Blues track, and a smorgasbord of electives from over 10 all-star instructors. Competitions with amazing prizes, a jazz crawl, free massages for full weekend participants, this is an event you don't want to miss! Teachers: Anthony Chen, Irina Amzashvili, Rasmus Holmqvist, Mona Reithmeier, Gaby Cook, Rafał Pustelny, Laurel Ryan, Michelle Stokes, Daniel Repsch Bands: Jonathan Ng's Rain City All Stars, Lava Hot Jass Band, Lynde Hunt Project
June, 2020
4thAthens Lindy Exchange AthensLindy, Blues, Balboa Exchange
Athens Lindy Exchange 6/4/2020 City: Athens, Greece Dances: Lindy, Blues, Balboa Athens Lindy Exchange 2020!!! We had an amazing time thanks to all of you! We are ex-changing the dates, putting the next exchange at the beginning of June! Save the date for our next ALE! June 04-07 2020 -- You are invited to spend 3 days full of Athens night life, sun, great food and smiling people! This year we are throwing our first Lindy exchange in our city! This exchange is going to blow your mind! Much different and underground from the fests you've met, we promise to show you around the very best parts of our city and make you feel like a local! Athens is an awesome place, if you know where to go! On Thursday .. lets go to the awesome welcome party! On Friday.. we'll swing out under the moonlight! On Saturday.. we will give you a morning city tour and and an... evening pub/bar one! You'll meet the famous... Athens by night On Sunday.. we will go swimming to a blue waters beach and have cold beers all day long! And of course, all that will.. swing! Let's dance! -- More to be announced soon... #ale2020 #sunny #athens
5thCUBE 2020 ChicagoBlues Exchange
CUBE 2020 6/5/2020 City: Chicago, USA Dances: Blues Started as a series of house parties in the early aughts, CUBE has run in congruence with the Chicago Blues Festival for over a decade. Though the event has changed hands multiple times, it's still going strong, defined by it's daytime appreciation of the living tradition of the Blues and it's evenings spent dancing with friends. A purely social event, it's a chill party every year in the Windy City.
5thGood Fellow Blues Paris ParisBlues Workshop
Good Fellow Blues Paris 6/5/2020 City: Paris, France Dances: Blues 5 hours of classes, 2 couples of international teachers, 3 parties, live with Dan Nash, a cozy atmosphere, no competition, space to dance... and Paris in June ! Teachers: Agniezka, Konrad, Carla, Rodrigo Bands: Dan Nash
5thIN Rhythm Classic IndianapolisLindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Exchange
IN Rhythm Classic 6/5/2020 City: Indianapolis, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Are you looking to show off your dance stuff? Need a chance for people to see what your all about in swing? Well then look no further. On June 5th-7th come to Indianapolis to express your most creative self in Lindy Hop, Shag, and Balboa. IN Rhythm Classic is the name of the game for our competition based weekend. Don’t be shy, bust a move and maybe win that sweet golden prize!!!
10thCastle Hop Diez an der LahnLindy Workshop
Castle Hop 6/10/2020 City: Diez an der Lahn, Germany Dances: Lindy Castle Hop, the small and personal Camp in a Castle in Germany. Swing by and dance with your heart ! We are more than happy to have Professor Cunningham & His Old School again at the Camp !
12thManchester Micro Fusion Exchange ManchesterFusion Exchange
Manchester Micro Fusion Exchange 6/12/2020 City: Manchester, United Kingdom Dances: Fusion The first EVER Micro Fusion Exchange in the UK!

Manchester Micro Fusion Exchange (MMFX) is a community based project where DJs, skillsharers, artists and volunteers offer their time for free in order to bring together Micro Fusion dancers from around the world for the smallest financial cost.

**This is a pay-what-you-can event fully supporting those on low income attending for free (see Pricing page).**

Two late night parties (Fri/Sat)
Two days of skillshare, connected experiences
12thThames Valley Balboa Festival Reading, EnglandBalboa Workshop
Thames Valley Balboa Festival 6/12/2020 City: Reading, England, United Kingdom Dances: Balboa Teachers: Kate Hedin & Nick Williams, Annabel Quisao & Bobby White, Jo & Mel Calanglang
18thAll Balboa Weekend Cleveland, OhioBalboa Workshop
All Balboa Weekend 6/18/2020 City: Cleveland, Ohio, USA Dances: Balboa Four fabulous nights of dancing. Three amazing days of classes. Death-defying competitions.
18thMastery of Swing Morristown, New JerseyWest Coast Workshop
Mastery of Swing 6/18/2020 City: Morristown, New Jersey, USA Dances: West Coast For sophisticated and masters level dancers
19thPortland Blues Immersion Portland, OregonBlues Workshop
Portland Blues Immersion 6/19/2020 City: Portland, Oregon, USA Dances: Blues
19thSummer Ambi Swing Showdown 2020 Detroit, MILindy Workshop
Summer Ambi Swing Showdown 2020 6/19/2020 City: Detroit, MI, USA Dances: Lindy Detroit's ambidancetrous Lindy Hop weekend featuring live music, workshops, and the signature Jo & Jo competition!
19thTrippin’ Blues Amsterdam AmsterdamBlues Workshop
Trippin’ Blues Amsterdam 6/19/2020 City: Amsterdam, Netherlands Dances: Blues The fourth Trippin' Blues Amsterdam festival for traditional Blues & Slow Jazz. Weekend workshops from Europe's finest teachers. Parties with the best Blues dance bands and DJ's on dutch soil. Optional exchange program on Thursday & Friday to visit our capital in a dancing way. Come dance with us in the city of canals, bikes, red lights en windmills. ... by The Blues Joint
25thBeantown Camp Beverly, MassachusettsBlues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag Workshop
Beantown Camp 6/25/2020 City: Beverly, Massachusetts, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Shag A week of incredible classes and social dances at the beautiful Endicott College, 1 hour from Boston. Special events during the camp include Beantown Bounce (the instructors' show), Camp BBQ, Camp Social, Talent Show, Beantown Karaoke, Soul Party, as well as relaxation time at the beach and hanging with friends at the Pub.

Features the best food of any dance camp!
25thNorthwest Jazz Immersion Lacey, WashingtonBlues, Solo Jazz Workshop
Northwest Jazz Immersion 6/25/2020 City: Lacey, Washington, USA Dances: Blues, Solo Jazz Join Brenda Russell of DanceMode for this traditional Dixieland Jazz festival and learn the roots of Jazz and Blues. Mini lessons, tons of social dancing, multiple dance floors and bands to choose from all weekend!!!
July, 2020
3rdRed, White, and Bal Washington, DCBalboa Workshop
Red, White, and Bal 7/3/2020 City: Washington, DC, USA Dances: Balboa
5thSwing in corsica CargeseBalboa Workshop
Swing in corsica 7/5/2020 City: Cargese, France Dances: Balboa A wonderful BALBOA festival in CORSICA ISLAND, 5 to 8 of july 2018.

Workshops with international teachers, bands every night, beach parties with dance floor !

Teachers: Solen LE BIHAN & Laurent WALLET
Oksana Shkiray & Nejc Zupan
Bands: 3 local Bands
9thPDF Swings Portland, OregonWest Coast Workshop
PDF Swings 7/9/2020 City: Portland, Oregon, USA Dances: West Coast WESTIES...this is your 2020 PDF event page. Post here for roomies, rides and strictly partners. We will keep you updated for 2020 event announcements on this event page. Invite your Westie friends to join our amazing weekend in 2020.
10thBay Area micro Fusion OaklandFusion Workshop
Bay Area micro Fusion 7/10/2020 City: Oakland, USA Dances: Fusion BAmF is distinctly different than your standard fusion weekend. A little smoother and more connected. Gentler and more comfortable.

BAmF was the first and is still the world's premier micro exchange. In 2020, BAmF is back with live music, 3 nights of dancing, 2 days of classes, and lots of other goodies, to be announced.
10thBull City Swingout Durham, North CarolinaLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Bull City Swingout 7/10/2020 City: Durham, North Carolina, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
16thSeravezza Blues Camp SeravezzaBlues Workshop
Seravezza Blues Camp 7/16/2020 City: Seravezza, Italy Dances: Blues The deepest blues experience,
with music and dance students working together.
Teachers: Brenda Russell and more... Bands: Emiblues and more...
17thBoston Balboa Tenth Anniversary Party (Exchange) Boston, MABalboa Exchange
Boston Balboa Tenth Anniversary Party (Exchange) 7/17/2020 City: Boston, MA, USA Dances: Balboa Boston Balboa turns 10 in July 2020 - join us for BBTAP! It’ll be a loosely-organized Balboa Exchange, with Michael Gamble & the Rhythm Serenaders – featuring all-star musicians – for TWO nights… and it isn’t Boston Balboa without a Sunday Speakeasy bar dance to wrap things up. We hope to see SO MANY of you this summer in Boston for a joyous celebration of Balboa, swing jazz, and the amazing community that makes all of this possible. Bands: Michael Gamble's Rhythm Serenaders
17thSeattle Lindy Extravaganza: SLX 2020 SeattleLindy, Other Workshop
Seattle Lindy Extravaganza: SLX 2020 7/17/2020 City: Seattle, USA Dances: Lindy, Other The Seattle Lindy Extravaganza is back for another year of dancing, live music, and summer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

What is SLX?
-Three nights + two afternoons + one late night of live music with nationally and internationally acclaimed musicians including Albert Alva, Jonathan Ng, and Jonathan Doyle!
-Two days of diverse and engaging classes ranging from Lindy to House dancing!
-Many opportunities to experience Seattle and become a part of its dance community!

What makes SLX unique?
-Afternoon live jazz jam with professionals and amateurs jamming together!
-Dancing in the streets and parks of downtown Seattle!
-An opening BBQ to kick off the event in a spirit of integration and inclusion!
-Unique competitions where you won't know what happens next!
17thToulouse Fusion Weekend ToulouseFusion Workshop
Toulouse Fusion Weekend 7/17/2020 City: Toulouse, France Dances: Fusion
24thPortland Blues Dance Festival PortlandFusion Workshop
Portland Blues Dance Festival 7/24/2020 City: Portland, USA Dances: Fusion Portland Blues Dance Festival features beginner-friendly blues dance workshops to help beginners learn how to cut a rug and join the community of Portland's blues dance scene!
25thBlues & Balboa w/ Mike Legenthal & Dan Repsch Baltimore, MarylandBlues, Balboa Workshop
Blues & Balboa w/ Mike Legenthal & Dan Repsch 7/25/2020 City: Baltimore, Maryland, USA Dances: Blues, Balboa Teachers: Mike Legenthal & Dan Repsch
29thAltay Swing Dance Camp Altay MountainsLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Altay Swing Dance Camp 7/29/2020 City: Altay Mountains, Russia Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Teachers: Fedor Nedotko
Alina Sokuska
30thCincyHop 2020 CINCINNATIBlues, Lindy Exchange
CincyHop 2020 7/30/2020 City: CINCINNATI, USA Dances: Blues, Lindy Experience a weekend packed with swing dancing, live music from top-notch bands, and a community of dancers from across the Midwest coming together to experience the best Cincinnati has to offer. Bands: TBD
August, 2020
6thSwing Fling Herndon, VirginiaWest Coast Workshop
Swing Fling 8/6/2020 City: Herndon, Virginia, USA Dances: West Coast
6thSwingtacular: The Galactic Open San Francisco, CaliforniaWest Coast Workshop
Swingtacular: The Galactic Open 8/6/2020 City: San Francisco, California, USA Dances: West Coast
14thHoochin' Blues Party Atlanta, GeorgiaBlues Workshop
Hoochin' Blues Party 8/14/2020 City: Atlanta, Georgia, USA Dances: Blues
21stBluesila VilniusBlues Workshop
Bluesila 8/21/2020 City: Vilnius, Lithuania Dances: Blues
27thSummer Hummer Framingham, MassachusettsWest Coast Workshop
Summer Hummer 8/27/2020 City: Framingham, Massachusetts, USA Dances: West Coast
28thUptown Swingout Minneapolis, MinnesotaLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Uptown Swingout 8/28/2020 City: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz Bands: Naomi & Her Handsome Devils
September, 2020
4thI *Heart* Balboa 2020 Richmond, VirginiaBalboa Workshop
I *Heart* Balboa 2020 9/4/2020 City: Richmond, Virginia, USA Dances: Balboa Teachers: Annabel Quisao
Bobby White
Chelsea Lee
David Lee
Jennifer Barnett
Luis Arredondo
Kadie Pangburn
Joe Pangburn
11thCapital City Swingout Washington D.C.Lindy Workshop
Capital City Swingout 9/11/2020 City: Washington D.C., USA Dances: Lindy
11thHomeBrewed Blues CopenhagenFusion Exchange
HomeBrewed Blues 9/11/2020 City: Copenhagen, Denmark Dances: Fusion A blues and fusion exchange, focused on good music and community driven activities.
Lots of live music and a dedicated room for both Fusion and Blues.
The event will be quite cheap (65 €) but we hope that everybody will do a little something to make the event awesome: Play a DJ set, organize an excursion, bake a cake, help decorating, help out at the bar or something similar.
We have a lovely venue with a bar, a sauna for late night relaxing, a cosy space to hang out and 2 dance floors.
11thLondon Throwdown LondonFusion Exchange
London Throwdown 9/11/2020 City: London, United Kingdom Dances: Fusion An epic weekend dedicated to throwing down hard and fast. This weekend is all about the art of competing, featuring the annual London Throwdown Championships. For the social dancers out there we’ll be packing in plenty of time for social dancing to the live bands and DJs each night too so there’s something for everyone.
11thSevern Sinners BristolFusion Workshop
Severn Sinners 9/11/2020 City: Bristol, United Kingdom Dances: Fusion A truly Bristolian Fusion|Blues Dance weekender. Switch-y, genderless dancing, 2 days of lessons, 3 nights of socials - with live and DJ'd Blues and Fusion - as well as unique Bristol experiences. Come Sin with us :P
17thNorth Star Blues MinneapolisBlues Exchange
North Star Blues 9/17/2020 City: Minneapolis, USA Dances: Blues North Star Blues has been called "your blues dance vacation" as it's a relaxed, friendly and fun exchange that showcases Minnesota values and musicians. You'll get lots of opportunity to get to know dancers at afternoon chill social events and then throw down in the evening with amazing live bands and national DJs. Bands: Past bands: Blue Giants, James "Cornbread" Harris, Joyann Parker, Annie Mack, Bernard Allison
18thLindy on the Rocks DenverFusion Workshop
Lindy on the Rocks 9/18/2020 City: Denver, USA Dances: Fusion Lindy on the Rocks is all about the granddaddy of all swing dances, the Lindy Hop, although you will find other vintage dances mixed in as well. Lindy Hop can be danced slowly or very fast (when you’re ready). Our event provides high-quality instruction from the most talented swing dancers in the world. You can look forward to classes for all levels, live swing music, and plenty of social dancing. Teachers: Jon Tigert, Jenna Applegarth, Anthony Chen, Irina Amzashvili, and more...
24thAtlanta Swing Classic Atlanta, GeorgiaWest Coast Workshop
Atlanta Swing Classic 9/24/2020 City: Atlanta, Georgia, USA Dances: West Coast
24thBridgeTown Swing Vancouver, WashingtonWest Coast Workshop
BridgeTown Swing 9/24/2020 City: Vancouver, Washington, USA Dances: West Coast
24thHülly Balboa Swing Farm HüllBalboa Workshop
Hülly Balboa Swing Farm 9/24/2020 City: Hüll, Germany Dances: Balboa Be prepared for a cozy, crazy, and warmhearted Balboa Festival in the north-german countryside: 4 days of small classes and tasters with amazing international teachers, 4 parties with DJ’s and live music - all under thatched roofs, with onsite accommodation, sauna, massage service, tasty food & drinks in a lovely and quiet rural area. Bring your friends and meet new ones in a bubble of Balboa bliss in the middle of nowhere, just close enough to Hamburg. Teachers: TBA Bands: TBA
25thEmerald City Blues Festival SeattleBlues Workshop
Emerald City Blues Festival 9/25/2020 City: Seattle, USA Dances: Blues
25thExpress Track Blues New York CityBlues Workshop
Express Track Blues 9/25/2020 City: New York City, USA Dances: Blues Our mission is to break through barriers to learning, instill confidence, and provide intermediate dancers with a platform in which to "level up" their dancing. We encourage dancers of ALL levels to evolve and hone their craft and skills. Through education and social dance, we aim to cultivate a community that celebrates and appreciates the rich culture and history of blues dancing. Teachers: TBD Bands: TBD
October, 2020
5thBerlin Movement Immersion BerlinBlues Workshop
Berlin Movement Immersion 10/5/2020 City: Berlin, Germany Dances: Blues Teachers: Brenda Russell
9thBlues Muse PhiladelphiaBlues Workshop
Blues Muse 10/9/2020 City: Philadelphia, USA Dances: Blues Blues Muse is an event that is dedicated to partnership above all else. From our early years championing follower voice and creativity, we have grown to become the event to be at to hone your partnership skills, flex your creativity, and engage in deep learning about the techniques and theories around connection. Teachers: TBA Bands: TBA
9thRhythm is Our Business Gallatin/Nashville, TennesseeLindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Workshop
Rhythm is Our Business 10/9/2020 City: Gallatin/Nashville, Tennessee, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz Mark your calendars for year three of Rhythm Is Our Business, a workshop weekend just outside of Nashville, TN!

Year Three of RIOB brings you the same fun event with even more to offer - live band masterclasses, the #RhythmBusinessSoloComp, top-notch instructors, and more. RSVP here for event updates, and join us October 9th through 11th, 2020! #RIOB2020 #IWannaBeAtRIOB
16thJammin' on the James Richmond, VirginiaLindy, Solo Jazz Workshop
Jammin' on the James 10/16/2020 City: Richmond, Virginia, USA Dances: Lindy, Solo Jazz
23rdAll Slow Balboa Torquay, EnglandBalboa Workshop
All Slow Balboa 10/23/2020 City: Torquay, England, United Kingdom Dances: Balboa Teachers: Jacob Wigger and Shani Brown

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